How do I capture an image to jpg file

How do I capture a single slice to and export it to a jpg or png image file.

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:point_up: Exactly what @DRM posted. Also just a tip for any YouTubers; sometimes coming up with a Custom Thumbnail is tough. When you don’t have any ideas for a thumbnail - you can always use Export Frame to pull screenshots from your videos. Hope that helps someone out there.

Happy Shotcutting!


Great suggestion!

I’ll take that one step farther.

  1. SaveAs a new MLT file - “MyYouTubeVideo-thumbnail.mlt”

  2. Splash a big title or teaser on a good section of your video with the Text: Simple filter.
    No more than seven words. Big font.

  3. Export Frame. This is your Custom Thumbnail.

  4. you don’t need that thumbnail MLT any more, you can delete that MLT.

Thumbnails with words on picture get more clicks.

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Def! I didn’t even think about using Text: Simple. Well said!

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