How do I add video to a new post on this forum?

How do I add a short video (mp4) to a new post on this forum, without linking to it via Youtube? I’ve seen posts here which have a video in an embedded player. I wondered how to go about it but don’t particularly want to upload to Youtube first. Thanks

I don’t believe you can upload video to the Shotcut server space.
But you can add a link to a video on your own server space.

Thanks Steve - helpful reply as ever, nice video. Could I just ask you to outline the steps you took to get your video here - ie did you upload to a video sharing site, was it free, and how did you get the embedded player on your post? Thanks, I’m new to this.
Please excuse me - this is just a test to see whether my short “Garden Timelapse” video is shown enbedded in this post. I’ve just uploaded it to vimeo.
I’d really appreciate it if forum users could send a short reply to let me know if my video appears just below here in an embedded player? Thanks!! Jon

p>Garden timelapse 01 from Jon R on Vimeo.

EDIT #2: I see a blue link to the video but no embedded player. Still need help with this - if anyone can help I’d be most grateful! Thanks!

As mentioned in my post;

“…your own server space” = This means you have space on a server that you rent from a hosting company, for example you may have your own website, therefore you have server space allocated to use for files.

The link to the video therefore is a ‘direct’ link to the file (eg: http://yourspace-somewhere/yourdirectory/yourvideo.mp4 ) rather than a link to a page with your video such as YouTube or Vimeo.
The embedded player you see is provided by the browser you are using.

I’m not sure why you don’t want to upload to YouTube when you’re apparently willing to upload to Vimeo??
In any case, you have to upload your video file somewhere no matter which method you use.
If you have no server space, there are free file hosting sites such as Dropshots

A- HA, thanks Steve, will try it…

Thanks, didn’t know that.

I just wanted to find a simple way of putting simple short screen capture videos on this forum rather that using the all-singing and dancing Youtube - reserving Youtube for maybe some of my more accomplished videos for all the world to look at (!)… Vimeo was just an experiment…

Thanks for mentioning Dropshot, sounds just like what I was looking for.

Sure, but you can set them to ‘Unlisted’ so they won’t show on your channel to visitors, but they will show here.

Another option is which I’ve been using for more than a year for sharing private snippet-videos (example below). Like YouTube and Vimeo, it provides the player.

Ah yes, I’d forgotten you could do that - thanks!

I’d not heard of that - so thanks again Steve! ( Lovely cat you got there…).:grinning:

She is, a real sweetheart.

Thanks Steve - this is just a test - I’ve uploaded a short mp4 to
Does this video appear below? Thanks, Jon

Woo - HOO - it works on my screen! I’m assuming everyone her can see it? Thanks Steve for all your help… Jon

Yep, nice vid… I wanna see more :smiley:

Not my video (wish it was!)…

The cut-outs in the box for her ears made my day.

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