How Do I Add The Letterbox Black Bars Back Into a Video Image?

There are many answers on how to remove the black bars at the top and bottom of a picture when an image is anamorphic. But what if I wanted to restore the black bars on the top and bottom to a video where the letterbox bars have been removed? How do I achieve this in Shotcut?

Let’s assume that when the resolution is 1920x1080 the black bars at the to and bottom are present however I receive a video file that is 1920x816 and that is with the black bars at the top and bottom removed. Working with that second video file, what do I have to do in Shotcut to export a video file that restores the black bars at the top and bottom but without cutting out image from the video? I tried to change the aspect ratio in Properties and play around with the Size and Position filter and I am not having any luck.

Please help. Thanks.

Set the project mode (in Settings>Video Mode) to 1920x1080 BEFORE you import the file.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: