How do I add a video layer for an audio file?

I just started using Shotcut, seems like a good program.

I’ve been using Openshot, but when I’m rendering a 6hr video, it takes over 8hrs or more.

I’m not very skilled on these programs. But what I use Openshot for is, I import a mp3 file and album cover photo. And just export that for my youtube.

But I can’t see to do this with Shotcut. When I put the mp3 into the timeline, I don’t know how to add the photo to just be a top layer for the mp3. I just need some direction and help if possible.

Here is a screenshot of what I do in openshot.

Click on the MP3 track then press Ctrli to insert a video track above it. Then add your image to this track and extend it (drag the right-hand edge) to make it last as long as the audio.

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Thank you, this worked for me.

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