How display automatically subtitles

Hello to everyone.

It’s my first time here and I need to know how activate and display automatically the subtitles track that’s inside the original video.

I have 2 videos to merge: the main hasn’t subtitles and the second one I have to diplay it in a little part of the screen. This second one has got subtitles (ID track #1) and if I use VLC di play this video I can see them, but Shotcut doesn’t show them in the little square (where the second video is). I don’t know how can I “tell” to Shotcut to upload and show automatically the subtitles track already present inside.

Is it a filter or something like this? Or is it impossible to do?

Thanks to all.


Shotcut currently has zero subtitle support. There are other threads where people talk about using ffmpeg to burn subtitles into the video itself. Editing could be done on a burned video, then swap the video for a non-burned version right before export for clean video, then use ffmpeg to add the subtitle track afterwards. A little clunky, but could work.

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