How can I put a boarder and write some words around the video to be put in Instagram?

I would like to put a boarder to a video to make it a square to post it on Instagram. How can I do that with Shotcut

As far as I am aware you can only upload video from an iOS or Android device.
The aspect ratio is automatic and any effects such as borders are applied in the app.

Shotcut isn’t going to be of any use in this regard


I saw some Instagram video included a boarder with text. I am thinking if they are using some video editing tools to do that.

They add a boarder to make the aspect ratio to be 1:1. Then use the app to upload the edited video.


You have to set the aspect ratio (using a custom profile in the settings) and use rotate/crop filters to adjust the video. You can add text using the text filter and images on new layers. (You could also make the frame in an image editor and combine it with the video in Shotcut).

@Steve_Ledger Looking at quality and format of some videos, it seems common for social media um… “experts” to edit video on desktop and then move the video to a mobile device (or maybe they use emulators) to put them on the social network.