How can I make a 3D TV Effect for a Beginner? [SOLVED]

I am making an old tv effect, and I want the tv to look like it has that 3d effect of 80s tvs. how can I do that?

I just messed round with lens correction, kept x and y the same and set centre correction to 30.8 and edge correction to 0

Could you please, give an example of the effect you what to create

^^ answer ^^
If you want a more pretuding effect, heighten the edge correction and lower centre correction, and then make the video bigger (to fill the whole screen)

Is this the result you are after?
Not entirely sure what the result should look like or be for in a video.

What I did is I made that effect for a vhs outro black background to my videos.
If I wanted to use it in the middle of a clip, i’d take an image of one of those tvs, and take the exported file of the vhs background with that effect, and then I’d reverse those two digits (edges 30.8, centre 0) and put it in the middle of the tv image.

As I said here.

But, if I didn’t want that for the black vhs background, and if I made that with proper footage, than it’d look weird, so I’d just do the edge correction if it’s on a proper clip.

As Tim suggested giving an example would be awesome.
I still have no idea what it’s supposed to look like.
Perhaps some youtube video showing off the effect would be nice.

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