How can I loop webP animation?

Sorry for using Video editor as animation editor.
But Shotcut is better than any other video-webp converter I think.

Anyway, I converted video(mp4) to webP animation, it only played once.
But when I used gif, it loop endless.
I just used stock setting in Shotcut.

I can’t find the option about loop count.
Is there options for loop?

Thank you

Hi @maduphkn

First time I hear of webP animations. But I was intrigued so I did some research.
I found that to make the animation loop it needs this bit of code: -loop 0

After a few attempts I found out how to export an infinite webP loop in Shotcut:

  • In the Export tab, choose the WebP Animation preset in the presets list.
  • Click the Advanced button.
  • In the Other tab, add loop=0 at the bottom of the list.
  • Export

If you want a specific amount of loops, 5 for example, use loop=5 instead of loop=0

The forum doesn’t allow to upload webP files in the discussion, so here are my tests in a ZIP file (269.6 KB)


Also, you can save these settings as Custom presets. This will avoid from having to add that line of code each time.



Damn, that is cool information, thanks (Pardon my french :rofl:)

Thanks for the information. I have successfully learned how to loop webP animation.

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