How can i input Japanese character into text

how can i input Japanese character into text box?
If not supported,can i ask developers to make ‘shotcut’ support it?

You could use google translate to get your Japanese text. Then copy and paste it into the text box. Or add Japanese language and it’s keyboard layout and type into the text box.

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Thank you
But it bothers me to copy and paste.
I can’t input Japanese directly into box with Japanese keyboard.

This is a bug or shortcoming in the version or build of Qt GUI library we are using that prevents using the Windows Input Method Editor (IME). I have an old version of Shotcut built against a newer version of Qt where it works. So, this will be fixed when we upgrade Qt, which is actually not easy on Windows when using an extra module QtWebKit that we require. I have tried a couple of times already and failed and must revisit it.

Windows 10 Pro 1803 Shotcut 18.11.13

Got the Japanese keyboard working, sort of, with the latest version of Shotcut. Followed the instructions on this site Installed the Japanese language pack.

Microsoft IME is kind of finicky with Shotcut. This is a workaround that can be used for the time being.

First, opened a text box in Shotcut. Put the cursor in the box. Opened notepad. Set the keyboard to Japanese. Shifted the focus back to Shotcut and started typing Japanese. Then I switched back and forth between English and Japanese. As long as the focus is not shifted away from the text box you can type whatever you want. If you shift away from the text box you need to click on notepad to be able to continue typing in Japanese.

Every time a new text box is started you need to put the cursor in the box then initialize Japanese by clicking notepad or some other Windows application.

Here’s the project file.
English and Japanese.mlt (7.6 KB)

Thank you for your challenge.

I’m Japanese. So I bought this PC with Japanese Keyboard from the beginning.I don’t need to introduce newly Japanese keyboard. I use now Japanese Microsoft IME and the latest version of shotcut.

I would rather use the Copy&Paste way than shifted way with notepad.I think it’s easier.
Thank you for your kindness.

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