How can i Increase CPU usage while editing

I have a decent CPU and i’m looking to use all of it’s power. New AV1 video editing takes about 8 hours to convert since i convert all of my security cameras files to AV1 to save data space but takes forever to convert the files and while i’m doing so even at parallel it only uses about 30% max sometimes little more sometimes less. I also set the app priority at high it does helps for a few minutes but I wish the program could use 100% all of my CPU power when converting. I tried looking at options but nothing.
I was thinking of buying the new Ryzen 7950X( will not in hell buy intel) but if the results are almost the same then what’s the point?
I also have the intel graphic cards which support AV1 yet shotcut will not recognise it as a hardware to convert files. Or if there is a way to convert 2 files at the same time while splitting the cores for them that would be nice. Thank you all in advance.

I think this topic will help you understand how Shotcut works a bit.

I also think that for your needs you need another program maybe GPU assisted for video editing, converting.
You can check out Davinci Resolve, free or paid versions.

But you probably don’t need a typical video editor. A video converter should suffice (sometimes with simple, very limited video editing). Unfortunately, Avidemux doesn’t seem to support AV1.

Handbrake converter (wikipedia) may be the solution for you.

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Shotcut is a video editor. If you need to transcode a lot of video files, I recommend the free “handbrake” for this purpose. But if the task is to make one big video out of many videos, shotcut will certainly cope with this. If shotcut does not support av1 hardware decoding, it is only because the ffmpeg encoding library does not currently support it (the version that is integrated into shotcut).

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I used handbrake and it doesn’t compressed the files as good as shotcut which a 5GB video file shotcut can compressed it to a 1.5GB file while with handbrake looking around youtube google and best setting and me playing around with it for 5 hours could only get 2.3 GB with the same quality results. I did found a way to make it faster on shotcut but i would still love to see Parallel option to increase from double to quadruple or even 8 parallel if there is a code option for that this will surely help allot.

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