How Can I Import 50 .jpg Quickly?

I want to import 50 .jpg to the timeline so’s I can pick and choose which ones I want to pick up from there and insert into the video movie I’m making.

I have them all in the playlist, that was easy enough.

Or would it be better to work with them directly from the playlist?

The idea is to have the poor resolution movie running with a voice over and at certain spots state ‘here’s a good shot’ and put the jpg there and leave it in view for a few seconds, then move on, repeat… etc…

Hi and welcome!

Yes, there is a new way to do this in the latest SC-Version 19.09.14.
Mark your .jpg’s in your browser and drop them in the playlist, sort them by date by pressing the lined button under the playlist. Mark your first and last clip you want, then drop them in the videotrack. All your marked clips will now be chronologically appear in the Videotrack.


Please leave just the photos you want to add to timeline on the playlist …and then click on 3 lines buttons and select all or add selected or just add all to timeline …

Ah, okay… I have 19.06.15 - I need an update… I’ll get one.

This will be good, thanks. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t remember my password so I logged in with google… seems to be a different account…

For an older version, start with an empty playlist and use Add All to Timeline in the Playlist menu.

All good. I got the latest version and it works like a charm.

Thanks all.


Dan why this add all to timeline was deplicated or removed ?

Because there is now multi-select, Select All, and Add Selected to Timeline. I do not like long menus with redundancies.

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if you remember the email … try the forgot password to recovery your account :slight_smile:

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