How can I have a clip in one Track match the length of clip in another track

I am trying to add a corner box with a logo (image) and some text to the entire run time of my video. Since my video is 3 hours long, using the drag method to lengthen the three elements that make up the corner box, logo and text would take quite some time. Is there a way to match the length of an element in one track to the length of an element in another track?

I have included an image of what I am trying to accomplish.

Thank you in advance.

  1. Open your clip in the “Source” tab.
  2. Go to the properties panel.
  3. Set the duration wo whatever you want
  4. Drag the clip to your timeline

Thank you for your quick reply. Unfortunately, in my example, this will only work for the image (Logo). The box and text elements do not provide the Duration within the properties.

You could create your corner box item (including text and logo) in an image editor like Photoshop, Gimp or Photopea for example.

Create a new transparent document with the same dimensions as your project. Add a black rectangle, your logo and your text in the corner. Save as a PNG (with transparency). Then bring this PNG in Shotcut and use Brian’s method to extend it to the desired length.

Note: Using an image file as big as your project dimensions will save you the trouble of having to use a Size, Position & Rotate filter to position and resize you image. Using that filter will slow down the export process. As an example, exporting a 10-second 60fps clip (with no filter) takes about 10 seconds on my computer. Exporting the same clip, but with a Size, Position & Rotate filter added to zoom the clip 200% takes about 1 minute. Six time slower then. So when you can, try to avoid using that filter.

Make the longest possible image/color/text clips and then copy and paste them as many times as needed. This is simply how you repeat something, anything in Shotcut. Finally, trim the last set of clips to the desired duration.

The same feature applies, but you have to do it slightly differently. In your screenshot, look at the timeline in the player. See how it is 4 hours long? But the “in” and “out” points are way at the beginning - making the clip have a short duration. In your screenshot, you can grab the right triangle and drag it over to the 3 hour mark. Then, drag the clip to your timeline. Or use the “B” shortcut to overwrite the existing clip (if it is selected)


Thank you. That was what I was looking for, works great. :grinning:

Thank you. This would work but I have created a template layout with all my needed elements so I can generate multiple videos a month by just changing the text and logo included.

Also, thank you for the information about the impact of using the Size, Position & Rotate filter. I was always wondering why some videos exported so much faster that others, regardless of length.

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