How can I gradually speed up a section of video?

I would like to gradually speed up a small section of video that is located in the middle of the clip. Can someone point me in the right direction?

No speed ramping, only speed changes for the selected clip found in clip properties.

Thanks. I’ll try and use time mapping, incrementally speeding up a few frames at a time. Hopefully speed ramping for a more gradual transition in frame rate will be an added feature in the future.

I wanted the same effect. I wanted to go from 1x to 2x. I used eight 45 frame clips to make the transition, stepping an eighth increase per clip - .125, .250, .375, etc.

Keep in mind that a speed change will change the time it takes to play the original 45 frame clip. That gives a non-linear increase. To stay at 45 frames per clip (that is, a direct, linear ramp), multiply 45 frames by the new speed. 1.125 (1 1/8 original speed) and there’s 51 frames (50.625 - rounded up because .6 is greater than .5, otherwise round down). Get out to 1 7/8x and it’s 84 frames, and 90 frames at 2x to get the original playing time for 45 frames.

One practical editing gotcha: note that each individual clip gets longer than the previous clip. Be sure to leave enough working space to avoid accidentally creating a transition.

Be sure your calculator’s charged up before you start the project. [/laugh]

ADDED: “Transitions” just gave me an idea. Using the process above, each cut is a jump cut. I haven’t tried this but just maybe a very short transition will take some of the jump out of each cut. Or not. I haven’t tried it, but there’s the idea for what it’s worth.

I’d use Slowmo to prepare the clip for what you ask.

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Good on ya for finding that!

Thanks for sharing that link, Keno40!

Quite an old stuff, but still fonctionnal

Has a windows version been created?

I had one. DL on G+…
But dead now…

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There is a Windows version here.


Thank you