How can I get the worst possible video/audio quality for a clip?

I’m trying to compress an eleven minute video down to under a megabyte in file size, just as a joke. What settings should I change, and what can I change them to, to get the worst possible video quality? I’m talking four pixels on the screen changing color, with audio that sounds like it came from an arabic WhatsApp video in 2011. Is there a way I can do this? What settings can I adjust?

In the advanced section of the Export menu, go to the codec tab and drop the quality to 0%. You can also make the resolution smaller than the original. You can use an online aspect ratio calculator like this one to figure out how low you want to go.

For audio, you’d have to play around with the audio filters to see what effect you want.

If you want to exaggerate the effect for prank purposes, you could apply a “face blur” filter to the entire video and then compress blurry footage. I think the filter is called Mosaic but I’m not at a computer to verify at the moment.

Also set GOP to 249 and B-frames to 8. Use HEVC if file size is that critical, same settings as above.

I like @DRM’s idea of exporting at maybe 360p to make things even worse.

For audio, simply drop the bitrate extremely low.

If all of that isn’t bad enough, bring the exported video back into Shotcut and export it with those settings again. Each generation will get worse. Somewhere around the eighth generation, you’ll get video quality that matches satellite TV during a rain storm.

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