How can i get the video clips on youtube

Hi Shotcut family. I’m new here. Actually, I don’t know whether i’m in the right place. I want to download the youtube videos to edit in shotcut. merge them to one video. but i don’t know how to do this. youtube not allow me download videos from it. I just want to make the video for my personal watch. not for commercial use. Any advice? Thanks!!!

Try obs. It’s the best free video recorder. But it is little difficult to set up. You can search in the obs forum and get some help with it. You can also try some easy-to-use software such as Camtasia, RecMaster, and Bandicam. They have the free trial if you just need record shot clips.


That’s a screen recording software, it might be useful for game recording or streaming but not saving yt videos, a single mouse move might disturb the recording entirely, he might need to use something like snaptube to download videos in original quality.

Or he can add “pp” After the the video link, which I do usually to download my videos, something like this:-

But this site does have some sketchy links, that you should avoid.

There are places where you can download those videos, but you should take the permission of the video’s owner to upload it. Otherwise it would result in copyright claims.

I use the youtube-dl commandline tool on Linux, but there is a windows version also

just use



and it will download the video (The url is the one you get when you share the video)
There is a lot of cmdline options to control what to download.


This is actually the best option, but as of its hardness level, most people don’t want to use it (including me :sweat_smile:).

My brother should try this one, his main PC runs linux.

There’s a Windows executable of youtube-dl. It’s easy to use, for example,

in cmd prompt

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Hi @LeviDavis, I use ClipGrab. Simple to use.

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Only if you have it set up to capture the mouse.

Display Capture:

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Not talking about it capturing mouse, it will reveal the time slider, icons and that all stuff.

Youtube Premium only allow download on mobile devices to play without a connection, it is stored with DRM and can only be used for 30 days, without a connection.
So it is not useful for making reaction videos.

But Youtube without ad is awesome :wink:

FireFox addon:
YouTube Video and Audio Downloader (Dev Edt.) by feller

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Now I understand what you are talking about.

Instead of Display Capture, use Browser as a Source.
You have to change the link for each time. Not limited to just YouTube.

In this source, you have to select Interact or Refresh to be able to interact with the page.
This would show your cursor as you speak of.
As long as Interact window is closed, you can use all of your computer without disrupting the recording.

Oh yes, full size… Interact with the browser source to make it full size.


I already know this way, even I know how to disable mouse capture, I was just saying that obs is not the way someone should do it.

I mean, what about the ads if the person hasn’t got yt premium. Can someone sit a full 10 hours for a 10 hour video leaving his only pc?
OBS would not be a good experience for this, plus those loading screen screen when you have a bad internet.

Thanks pro, I’ll contact the Youtuber before I download it. Thanks for your nice advice :wink: :wink:

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Thanks a lot!!! I’ll try this! :star_struck:

Thank you Jonray!!!

It’s not necessary, you should ask when you are going to upload it somewhere else. Otherwise most of the youtubers block people messaging them for no need. They usually don’t care when you are only using it personally. They just want partnership when you upload there stuff.

But if he gives permission to use it personally, then that’s a step ahead. Which means that you have 0% chance of any problem.

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