How can I extract audio from part of my video?

I have a 7 minute video. I would like to extract minute 4-7 as audio file, how can I do that?

Is the video file complete or a series of separate clips @Pibura ?

I ask because previously I have exported audio only but find it easy with just one whole clip. Detach the audio from the V1 track and then select the section of audio you want using “i” and “o” for in and out. Then with the audio only clip selected, click on the source tab under the player window. From there click the export tab, select your preferred audio file format and export.

There’s probably a better way but that’s how I do it.

Markers should work with audio, right?

I tried that but couldn’t get it to work :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Interesting. Works for me.

Create the marker and stretch according to the location and duration of audio.
Click the export tab, then select stock → audio → wav.
Make sure the from dropdown is set to Marker1 (or whatever name you gave it).
Click export and name the audio file appropriately.


You don’t need to use the timeline for this: Open clip (in Source player), set in and out points, Export using an audio preset.

Looks like you got it right, but with no need to detach the audio from the primary tracks which will solve the multiple track issue!

Good point! I hardly ever do one-offs like this where perhaps the singular purpose is to extract audio without continuing to work in Shotcut, so I’ll use markers as a reference.

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