How can i export a frame

I’ve deactivated proxy and created a file in best quality. I’ve loaded the video into my timeline but cannot then find a way to export a single frame.

A recently posted video suggests from top line ‘File’ tab chose ‘Export’ then select ‘frame’, but by Version 23.07.29 there is no ‘File’ tab from top menu nor ‘Frame’ in the ‘export’ menu. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious but please help.

Many thanks.

Hi @johnincornwall

There is no version called 23.07.29
Do you mean 23.09.29 (latest version) or 23.07.09 (previous version) ?

I use version 23.09.29 and I have a File menu on the top of the window.

Can you share a screen capture of your entire Shotcut window?
Also, what is your operating system?

Hi I’m using Windows 10 and what i assumed was the latest version of shotcut. I have tried to upload a screenshot here.definitely 23.07.29!


If using the upload link doesn’t work please advise how i can post image here to assist.

I only downloaded Shotcut a couple of weeks ago and thought i was set for automatic updates but obviously not. I have now started to download the latest version, which hopefully resolves my problem, many thanks.

I stand corrected…

I see a File menu on your screenshot

Just drag in the image you want to include in your post.

My apologies, I looked but did not see. Thanks for your help and patience.

Best wishes


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