How can I cut out a piece of video

I’m new to this so this may be a dumb question for some. But how do I cut (simply delete) a section of a video (its in a project) but I want it removed. I cannot seem to figure out how to set 2 points between 2 time periods then delete it. For example got a 4 minute video and want to delete the section between minutes 2 & 3.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


If you wanted to just save the middle of a video, cutting off the ends, setting the in/out points then Export from source would be that simple. Cutting from the middle requires just a few more steps.

One of two ways to do this.

Playlist Editing :point_down:

  1. Set your in point I, out point Ofor your first part you want to save.
  2. Add Source to Playlist.
  3. Repeats steps 1 & 2 for the last part of the video you want.
  4. Export from Playlist.

Timeline Editing :point_down:

  1. From Source, A (Append) or drag from source to the timeline.
  2. Position the playhead at the first location (the spot where you don’t want the video in the middle)
  3. Split S
  4. Postion at the end of that part of the video you don’t want.
  5. Split S
  6. Click on the clip in the middle you don’t want.
    X, or right click on the clip, then select Remove.
  7. Export from timeline


Thanks a whole bunch, got it, it works fine but that leads to yet another question. This is a video with audio. When I cut out a piece of the video the sound track is now out of sync. It appears that the sound track for the part removed is still in place and continues as if the removed portion is still there. By that I mean, the video is gone but the audio still sounds as if the video were still there - If I explained that correct. Any clues as to what I am missing?



Please disregard my prior message. The video I was working with was something I converted from a VCR tape to a .mpg. Troubleshooting this issue, for whatever reason, I noted that the audio was out of sync with the video at the point in time of creating the .mpg. It has nothing do do with removing a portion of the video I removed. Seems I got a bit of work ahead of me to see what happened initially.


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