How can i create the flashed face distortion effect on shotcut?

experimenting with analog horror for now, and I figured I’ll try to make this effect for the fun of it

Which one exactly?

There’s more than 100 years of examples to choose from.

just a basic one where faces pop up on both sides of the screen for a second before switching to another random picture

I’d need to see the Script for more information.

@slicedcheese, maybe you could share a video (from YouTube or else) where this effect is used.
Please indicate where the effect begins if it’s in the middle of a long video.

here Flashed Face Distortion Effect - YouTube

I think you’ll need to create a grid background to align the eyes. Most likely in an external graphics program.

Once you have that:

Save it as a .png file

Add your grid to a top track

Align all your face images to the grid

Do this for all your images until they all align.

Once your done, click off the visibility of the Alignment Grid.

And you should be able to play it.

Apparently, there is already an image Slideshow built into Shotcut to make this sort of project easier so you could try using that.


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