How can I create a video clip with a transparent background?

Hello folks,

I’d like to make a video clip that I can render and use in other projects, so I don’t have to use loads of RAM implementing chroma key every time. It needs to have a transparent background.

  • I recorded a video with me in front of a green screen.
  • I keyed out the green by having an image in a lower layer.
  • After that, I added the opacity filter to the image and set it to zero.
  • Exported

The problem is that the background is black not transparent.
How can I produce what I’m trying to produce?


Is putting a transparent layer the way to create images or sequences with alpha channels? So by doing that same process you laid out then exporting it with one of the alpha channel presets it will give a sequence with an alpha channel?

If you just want a transparent video clip, you can create it by opening a transparent color clip,
setting it to the duration you want then exporting the clip with any of the 3 Alpha presets.


This will give you a transparent video clip.

Open MLT XML As Clip crashes Shotcut when dragging it to the playlist.

Thanks for that. But now I’m not sure how to make the transparent parts transparent. The background is still solid black, and the properties have no blend mode.

EDIT: I just realised that I had the clip, not the track, selected. I changed the mode to screen, but now I am almost transparent as well as the background.

Perhaps try Blend: Over (which is default when V2 is created)
Never really played with Chroma Key before.

Got it to work with a video.
The video source is an MP4.

Shotcut 18.10.08

But with the MLT XML CLIP it seems to need either Add or Screen.
Blend Mode: Add

Blend Mode: Screen

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