How can I clean up the VHS sound noise?

I’m struggling to understand how ‘noise gate’ filter works. Trying to clean up an old VHS recording, but the only thing I get is lower volume without getting rid of noise.
Here is the sample of file I’m working on: ZippyShare - Download

Any help would be appreciated!

The Noise Reduction filter in Audacity was able to remove almost all of the noise. But as you can hear, the rest of the audio track (music, voices) is also affected.

Original audio

Using Audacity’s Noise Reduction

There is a very short part at the beginning of the video where we only hear the hissing noise. I extended this part to about one minute. Maybe this could be helpful to someone here for finding the right settings in one of the Shotcut audio filters

Yes, sound after Audacity is distorted after noise reduction.

That noise is pretty loud and contains a relatively wide range of frequencies. I’m no expert in audio filters, but I guess that it will be difficult to eliminate or reduce this noise without affecting the rest of the audio track.

Hmm I gave it another try and used the Equalizer: Parametric filter in Shotcut.
I get pretty good (or good enough) results with these settings…

I only edited the parameters in Band 3 and High Shelf.
Maybe you can get better results by playing more with the parameters.

That’s pretty good!
Thank you for your help!

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You’re welcome @NazZaR