How can I add a video into a other video?

I’m sorry if I couldn’t describe it correctly, but here’s a video about What I’m talking about

I want to know if I can do anything like this, anyways. Happy New Year!

I’m not quite sure what you are asking. But if it is about “Green Screen” technique then have a look at the tutorial video I created here:

If you are trying to add text over your video, use the Text: Simple or Text: Rich filters with a transparent background.

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no, it’s like adding a fading image over a video. Watch the video I’ve sent you. that’s the thing I’m looking for

I’m sorry, I’ve watched it 5 times now and cannot see any fading images, apart from something strange happening in the last 0.5 seconds of the video that looks like the text fading…

If your imge in a transparent PNG, then put it on a separate track (say V2) and use the FadeOut filter, ticking the boc that says “Adjust opacity instead of fade to black”.

The video has two tracks, one made for the tweet image, and second for that art of the strange guy.

The person simply used a opacity filter for the strange guy clip, and keyframed the opacity.

And then he used the blur filter on the tweet clip, and added a blur filter and also keyframed it to blur at the last second.

That’s pretty easy to do inside shotcut :slightly_smiling_face:.


I really appreciate the response! Is there a video tutorial that I can watch?

Edit: nvm, I really appreciate ur response tho

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Don’t worry, I am working to make that tutorial soon.

Edit:- Here it is:-

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