Horizontal Scrolling

Hi! I am new to Shotcut. When editing, there seem to be three ways of scrolling horizontally through my project:

Immediately below the main screen.
Immediately above the timeline (V1)
The scroll bar at the very bottom of the screen.

Why are there three different ways? Are they there for different purposes or just for personal preference? If for different purposes, when should I use each one?

Imagine that you’re editing a 20-minute project, and the timeline window is zoomed into a 30-second portion of it.

The time marker track above the timeline is for detailed clip placement on the currently visible portion of the timeline (a 30-second portion in this case). It isn’t really for scrolling… it’s more for moving the playhead within the current view to enable precise adjustments, and for providing a sense of location within the larger project.

This moves the 30-second zoom window to a different portion of the timeline, since the entire project cannot be seen on the screen at once while zoomed in.

Scrolling with the mouse wheel accomplishes the same thing.

This one does double-duty. The preview window has two tabs under it for Source and Project. If the preview is for Project, then yes, it could be somewhat redundant. But more often, that time track is used for the Source window when setting In and Out points on a new clip before dropping it onto the timeline. It is effectively scrolling a separate video than the timeline.

Many thanks indeed Austin. That has helped a lot.

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