Horizontal scrolling text

Can anyone tell me how to make a horizontal scrolling line of text in the bottom of the window that goes over about last 8-9 minutes…?
Thanks a lot!

Never do this, but as a first approach,
with animation keys?
But you’ll be stuck with the number of characters.
you have to cut the text into a multitude of blocks to animate.

Thanks for your reply! - That was also what I experienced. I instead used the challenge of running in one line at a time and then letting it ‘disappear’ with transparency before sliding in the next line.

Hi @hjsennels. You could have used the Rich Text filter, no limit with the number of characters.
In this quick example (10’ duration), I’ve scrolled through a 3-page Word document.
The challenge is to size the text window horizontally. You can count the lines and multiply by the project’s horizontal resolution.

Also a link to a tutorial (in French with subtitles… Sorry):


Hi @SergeC - that’s great. Wow - 270,000 pixels wide… that is pretty big…:+1: :rofl: :wink:
By the way, how did you make the green revealing box at 0:38?

Salut @SergeC - c’est super. Wow - 270 000 pixels de large… c’est assez gros…:+1: :rofl: :wink:
Au fait, comment avez-vous réalisé la boîte révélatrice verte à 0:38 ?

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Hi, @Jonray, Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:. The box is created with Glaxnimate in white line and I apply a Color grading filter in Shotcut to choose the color.
I think @PoisonedSlice explained how to do it in a Glaxnimate topic. I’ve modified it a bit.

Hi, @Jonray. Merci :slightly_smiling_face:. Pour la boîte,c’est avec Glaxnimate en couleur blanche et j’applique un filtre Color grading dans Shotcut pour choisir la couleur.
Je crois que @PoisonedSlice avait expliqué comment faire dans un topic Glaxnimate. J’ai légèrement modifié.


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