Horizontal Pan of Image(s)

It’s about the nice tutorial by MusicalBox “Simple video of Horizontal Pan of Panoramic Image”.

This Panoramic Image moves from right to left and it stops when reaching the right side of the screen.
I have some question:
How do I make such an image continue moving in that direction, followed by similar other image. So it will look like the second image is ‘glued’ to the first one and continue moving following the first one.
Answers will be appreciated.
Shotcut version 23.09.29, on Windows 10 pro, x64

Sorry, I don’t have time to make another tutorial today. But here’s some advice:

To make things easier for you, make sure that all the images you use have the same dimensions. Also give them all the same duration in the timeline.

In my previous tutorial, the image stopped moving when it’s right side reached the right side of the screen. Now it will need to move out of the screen completely (on the left side).

The 2nd image clip (on track V2) needs to be positioned in the timeline at the exact moment the right side of the first image reaches the right side of the screen. You can use the formula on my previous tutorial to calculate that moment.
Then use keyframes to animate the 2nd image.

One of these should get you going. The first one is a really simple example of what you want so start there, and the others are a little more advanced giving a better overall effect, especially if you are dealing with panoramic images:

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