HopSquash! Release trailer made with ShotCut

I previously posted about my “Coming soon”, well this is my “Release” trailer, it was a lot more complicated! All the zooming, panning etc. effects were done in ShotCut, though the more complex animations were rendered out in Blender, just the one at the start and the squishy gamepad animation.


Great! I added it to the Made with Shotcut playlist on the Shotcut YouTube channel.

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Awesome! Glad you like it :slight_smile:

I understand this is a game you are involved with. The video is very well done! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thank you! Yeah you could say I’m involved with it - I made the entire game myself, graphics, music, programming, all of it!

Although I’ve had feedback that the video is too long, and the average view time on YouTube is 45 seconds, which is around the time the second lot of reaction shots come in, so… if I do a video like this from now on, I’ll show the game play and a few quick reaction shots and then move on to the features… and keep it to 1 minute.

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Brilliant, I’m retired now and have coded a few Electron apps recently but this is on a different level altogether.

I wouldn’t get rid of too many of the reaction shots, it was great to see the age range to which the game appeals. Also it was obvious from these how much enjoyment players get from playing it, which would be a factor in the numbers wanting to play it.

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