HOME/POS1 button into the button bar


It’s a little, what I think it can be useful for “lazy” moments. :smile:

TIA :slight_smile:

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There’s the Home (and End) keys for that.


But I agree that it would be cool to have those buttons on the player bar.
I think some laptops don’t have those home and end keys?

Ha ha, what a joke. Some computers also don’t have a space button? So why is the start button implemented?!

Hmm… Maybe you misunderstood what I said…
What I meant is that a Home button (go to start of timeline) and End button (go to end of timeline) on the Player bar would be cool, especially for people who use computer that don’t have a Home or End key on their laptop keyboard.

Don’t think more buttons is a good idea, it will make the the interface to cluttered and this key would have no use then in the source viewer.
but maybe using a modifier (like Alt) to Start/end of clip button to go to start/end of project.

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