Hobby video I made exploring the filters

[Death Grips - [Ayrton Senna Tribute] - YouTube] (how do I embed a youtube video?)

I’m still new to video editing so I picked this music/song and racing theme idea I had to create and learn some techniques.

The filters I explored, learned, and had success with creating this video:

  • Crop filter (modifying size, position, and keyframe movement)
  • Mirror filter (syncing with crop and size/position filter to achieve desired results)
  • Levels, Contrast, Saturation, Invert Colors (modifying the colors using keyframes)
  • Mask (to put a video within an image) @ 2:43

Also, learned how to manage different frame rate clips. Some clips were 30fps, some were 25, and the majority was 24.970030. This was/is the biggest challenge. I had success calculating the division of time and slowing the speed of a few shorter clips to avoid frame skips, as suggested by a forum user.

I read these forums thoroughly to learn most of this, and I started a few Topics and my questions were always solved by a forum member. I appreciate the help and am thankful a community like this exists. Immense appreciation to the people creating and maintaining Shotcut.


Remove the square brackets! But in your case I wouldn’t worry because Formula One do not allow watching embedded YT videos.

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Interesting, Formula One did copyright claim this video, and thankfully they’re allowing to be viewed on YT.

I’m confused, how did you just post this video in these forums if Formula One doesn’t allow embedded YT videos?

I think my conception of ‘embedded’ is not right (for websites?).

Btw, glad to see your post. I haven’t forgot that you were the one who helped me learn how to use and understand the mirror filter. I’m going to post another video next week where I used the free motion keyframe crop/mirror technique that you taught me. I’m finally getting around to finishing a few projects I started.

Nice! Too bad we only hear the engines a few seconds at the beginning and about 30 seconds at the end. That’s 50% of the fun and excitement in a F1 race :slight_smile: Especially in Monaco.
Plus, and that’s only my personal taste, I don’t care much for that song :wink:

But good editing. It seems you’ve learned a lot about those filters :+1:
That’s the best way to learn. Practice, try things. If it doesn’t work, pause and think for a while, then try again :slight_smile:


Funny you mention that, I felt it a mortal sin to post Senna footage without the McLaren audio. I originally had made the video with only music, but I ended up throwing in the intro/outro when I realized the compromise. I mostly was hypnotized by the on-board footage imagery at first and chose a song that had some accents to play with visually.

While I was gathering Monaco on-board footage on YT, I noticed a few videos with songs over the video, and Senna fans hate it in the comments. I’m expecting the same. But, ultimately figured there are already enough videos with uninterrupted McLaren audio for them to watch.

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Yes, you’re right about that.

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You can embed the video (like I said, just paste the link, no square brackets) and it displays the thumbnail just fine. But upon attempting to play the embedded video, it tells you that you have to watch it on YT. No biggie and quite common.

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Test: Death Grips - [Ayrton Senna Tribute] - YouTube

It’s funny, I can learn how to use filters and edit a video, but, I can’t figure out how to embed a YT video in a forum.

I took out the brackets, posted the link, still it’s only a link. Your post is embedded and I can watch it here in the forums without having to watch it on YT. I’m still doing something wrong.

Don’t put anything else on that line, just the link!
Otherwise: Death Grips - [Ayrton Senna Tribute] - YouTube

I hate to turn this thread into a confusion about posting links, but, did I post the link correctly? The picture is the link I posted, and it turns into the link you see above, no thumbnail like yours.

I will repeat … paste the link on it’s OWN line, and NOTHING else on that line.
i.e remove the “Test 2:” text and make sure https is at the BEGINNING of the line.

There you go!

Not only did this work, but, it earned me a badge. I’m moving up in this world. Thank you. This thread is officially now a “How to post a link on a line by itself” topic.

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