History Should Save

I accidently deleted a part of a clip and saved it without realizing it until I looked more closely. Since I had gotten off, it cleared the history. The history should save when the file is saved as an MLT file. This way, I would be able to get back that part of that clip. I hope that this is a good suggestion.


Would be nice


Would be REALLY nice, I’ve lost 3 hours of work like this a week ago :<

YES! :slight_smile:
With an additional suggestion: it should be an option in Settings to save the history in the MLT file or not. Maybe the deafult could be “ON”…

o/ +1 for saving the undo history in the project file (it wouldn’t take a lot of bytes, would it?).

Two more reasons for it:

  1. Other than when a project is peacefully saved, closed and reopened, there are the crashes, for which it’d be nice–imperative, actually!–to have the undo history in the autosaved project file (if restoring an autosaved file is to be akin to continuing the previous, crashed, session).
  2. While even a pretty lengthy undo history wouldn’t take much space in the project file, I get it that it may take up memory. Having it saved in the project file is one–pretty old fashioned–way of conserving RAM (isn’t it?).