Hilarious Intelligent Pets & Animals of TikTok Watch Till End Compilation | Pet Club SA | Video 0021

Latest video made with Shotcut, please enjoy

the video is extremely cute and funny, but when I saw the cover of the video it reminded me that I need a video as a collage. where can I do that?

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Put the videos on different tracks and mess around with the Size, Position & Rotate (SPR) filter on each clip, resizing them and moving them about the screen until you are happy with the result.


Thank you for the feedback, will definitely have a look at this.

You can also Keyframe the S,P,R filter, and have that collage be dynamic.

I recently wrote a mini-tutorial.

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If you want to make the video collage on your phone try PicPlayPost.

wanted just to add that if you need to create it on your pc I would suggest https://shotcut.org/ or an online tool like https://www.fastreel.com/video-collage-maker.html.

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Thank you!

Thanks! really nice suggestion. shotcut is good, I know, but doesn’t fastreel have a watermark? cause I won’t like to have it in the corner(

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