Hiking in Scotland at 4k 50fps

Hi, been doing hiking videos for 6 months now, starting as most new users do at 1080p, then a laptop upgrade allowed me to do 4k and now up to 50fps. Love using Shotcut, all my videos were made using it, so powerful but easy to use, does exactly what I need! Here is an example of a recent 4k 50fps video that I done, love the results you can achieve with Shotcut, thanks to the Shotcut team for making this possible.


Lovely countryside, vaste and all empty :slight_smile:
Did you have a camera assitant to take the captures or did you do everything by yourself?
Never been to scotland - its a bit like “Skyfall” :slight_smile:

For the video mode: i think 50 fps is not ideal for most monitors as they show 60 fps. You might see artefacts on some fast movements - i couldn’t see any in your vid. I think its better to stick with 30 fps or go to 60 fps - that would perfectly fit most monitors :wink:

cheers, Rilo

Hi, I do everything myself, a truly one man show done with a GoPro Hero8, a tripod and selfie stick. Thanks for the heads up on increasing it to 60fps, will try that on future videos (being stuck in the UK automatically went for the PAL 50fps setting)…

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I did wonder if you did it all yourself.
Self shooting means you walk three times the distance for each camera shot!!

Most monitors / TVs are now digital so the 50fps is history - it goes back to the frequency of our power and analogue TVs.

Great scenery.

The really old tv’s had 24 fps. On the top notch newer ones you probably can change settings to your needs up to 60 fps i guess or even more. But for computer monitor it will be 99% are on 60 Hz, meaning 60 fps. When you do 30 fps its fine on them as each image is shown 2 cycles. But on 50 fps or 25 or 24, you get something odd with images shown different timeslots. You only see the artefacts on really fast movements.

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What a beautiful place to hike!!!

Beautiful place, the views are really awesome.
Loved this video.
I was really hoping to see a time lapse or drone footage.

Thanks, it was indeed a lovely place to hike, had good weather to which is always a bonus. Would have loved to add some drone footage but as the channel is new cannot justify the £1300 outlay for a decent one just yet. Also checked on the 50fps quandry, apparently the Hero8 anti flicker technology is permanently on and asks your region ie UK it locks to 50fps, I cannot change it to 60fps, all the monitors in my house are 60fps and show no artifacts, something I will live with I guess.

£1300 for a drone, holy shit! I think you can get a reasonable one for half the price or less. Of course there are even pricier models available but do you really need them?
The 50 fps are fine if you dont see any problems, you would only see them on really fast movements i guess. Funny that the framerate comes preconfigured with the region setting. Most computer monitors all over the world use 60 Hz.

The UK video standard is 50 Hz because that’s the mains frequency. 50 fps is used in UK and EU broadcasts and is a mandatory standard for any TV sold.

If you shoot at 60/1.001 Hz, if there is any mains powered equipment (lighting, street lights, monitors,…) in shot you will sample a different part of the sinusoidal waveform in each frame and the image will flicker terribly. It’s therefore normal to choose framerate to match mains frequency. (PAL is a misnomer, PAL is an analogue standard no longer in use)

The display frequency of a Computer monitor should be changeable to 50 Hz, but if not then they usually have decent filters for converting to 60 Hz. This is not really an issue.

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Lovely video, and thank you for the kind words.

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