Higher temperature on my gpu

I recently bought an rtx 3090 almost a 25 days ago, and it is getting very hot I think it is around 80 to 95 Celsius while I use shotcut, chrome, and some more apps (like games, ex:- splinter cell backlist), So can anybody suggest me a way to cool that temperature, It should be affordable or free because the rtx was very expensive for me.

Probably it is an airflow problem.

After the simple and obvious things (blocked vents, dirty filters) are eliminated, it will take careful analysis of your case and airflow to find the optimum solution.

Just adding a fan or boosting a fan can make it worse; it must be analysed.

Most likely, you have a dead spot exactly at your GPU, such as two fans blowing towards it from opposite directions.

So, starting with what you cannot control (which is usually the power supply sucking air from inside and blowing it out), map an airflow that moves consistently in one direction, is not blocked by any walls (PCIe cards like your GPU are walls) and maximized airflow at the GPU, the CPU cooler, and the memories.

When you have mapped it, make it happen by moving, turning, or adding fans.

Sometimes simply turning one fan around is all that is needed.

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This Solved the problem. Thanks Kenneth!!, And I noticed one more reason for higher temperatures which is I had opened a game at that time. Now my GPU is at normal temperature.

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