Hide Player-Specific Timeline and Controls

I’d like to hide the player-specific timeline and controls toolbar.

There’s a timeline just under the video player preview. It’s the section in the red box in the attached screenshot. Separate from the official timeline (the one that can be turned on and off under the view settings). This one is directly under the video player. It also has the controls for “skip to the previous point”, “play”, “skip to the next point”, “show the volume control”, etc.

Can I hide/disable/remove/make bye-bye this? I saw another post where they apparently lost this. The solution was to reset all settings. But it never said how the user made this lost in the first place. Which is what I want to do.

Not available

You can separate panels, move them around, and save it as a Layout to recall at any time.

This is a feature, and sometimes people separate the panels by accident.

Great workaround, thank you! I hadn’t realized detaching the panels was an option. Just tried that out and it’s working pretty well for me.

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