Hi, I need a 800x800 size picture

Hi, just downloaded Shotcut…think I am going to love it.
One question, I imported a picture and shotcut resized it. I need it 800x800, the same size that I imported it as. When I tried to resize in the software, the aspect ratio was way off.

Is there a way to import it the size it already is? Or resize it to exactly those dimensions? Sorry if I am missing it and its right in front of me, very new to this.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.

Shotcut thinks you want all of your media to match your Video Mode.
Just select the filter : Size & Position.
Size mode: Fit.
I just clicked Center & Middle for the screenshot.

For some reason it is not working. I import an image 800x800. The program will not recognize it as that size. When I export it the size is 1920x1080. My PC is not doing what I am seeing yours is doing. In fact when I drag it to the time line I see no image size at all, maybe that is the problem. I think I am close but missing something. Thanks for your response.

Got it. Here is what worked with my computer.
Imported image>settings>video mode (custom) bottom of screen>add>In dialog box resolution 800x800>aspect ratio 1:1>OK.
After exporting it stays at 800x800.

Hudson555x, thanks so much for responding. I really appreciate it. Not sure why it did not work that way…something simple I am missing. Thanks again.

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