Hi! Can I change the location of rendered videos

Short story long new to shot cut, using Lightworks since 2016. The changes made to the program have noticeably degraded the rendered product, add the processing changes made at YouTube since fall 2018 and the end product gameplay videos suffer considerably. S.I.L. suggested Shotcut because renders at 1080p and free.

Is it possible to change the location of the rendered/exported video from C:/user/video to a folder on my desktop? I’ve looked but I’m a thicky.

Please and thank you for any and all help, I’m sure I’ll be back begging for more help soon.

When you export the video Shotcut brings up the usual Windows “File Save” popup and as such you can then save it anywhere on your system that you have write permission to.

I’m still a bit freaked out learning the program, I have no idea why my brain didn’t register that

To get more familiar with Shotcut, take a look at the tutorials here;


Some are a little out of date but they will give a good idea of how to do things. Also, the guys on this forum provide a lot of help if you get stuck.

To date I’ve uploaded 3 splinter cell chaos theory missions to YouTube with Shotcut, 2 of them 2 times, 1, raw footage direct to YT, it existed in my account but would not appear in any internet search. The 2nd did show on a Bing search but not Google … probably because I didn’t manually choose YouTube when rendering it with Shotcut.
I lost my voice figuring out how to cut out and delete sections from within a clip. I was dragging sections from source to timeline, trimming another section from source and then dragging it to the timeline. then trying to line them up so as not to overlap or leave gaps and without accidentally touching a wrong key and losing all of it because I didn’t know how to undo whatever it was I did.
Not to mention creating intro and exit titles, getting them into the timeline and making them the length of time I required.

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