Hey, I will be making gameplay video with subtiles on the bottom as commentary

I will type one by one.

  1. What resolution and frame rates should I use (or if I should simply leave it on automatic)

  2. How to make fast fading subtiles in most efficent way

  3. In what format should I export it (it’s coming to youtube)

    • I recommend using the same parameters in which the gameplay is recorded. If the recording was in P1080-60 fps format, then it is desirable to create a project in the same resolution and frame rate.
    • I didn’t quite understand what it was about, but if these are pop-up dice, it’s convenient to do them in glaxnimate.
    • In the export options there is a preset “youtube”, it is very well suited for these purposes.

If it is being made for YouTube then you do not need to burn subtitles into the video you can just create a subrip (.srt) file and upload that. See here for more information: SubRip SRT Subtitles Generator

If you do want to burn these into the video then I still think creating a subrip file is the way to go, then use the utility I created to burn these into the video, See here:

And the video tutorial here:

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If you are narrating your video, and want to turn your subtitles into narration, then IF you have an Office 365 subscription, the most efficient way to turn narration into text, is to extract the audio track from your video, and use the Transcription function in Word for the Web, and then use a site like TXT to SRT Converter - Tool Slick to convert the transcription with timestamps into a .SRT file. You can use Elusien’s SRT Generator to make any minor edits or corrections that you want, though you you can also edit a .SRT file in Notepad, or any other text editor.

Most video players and sites like YouTube will allow you to open the .SRT file along with the video, allowing the user to see the subtitle with the video (or not, if they don’t want them).

If you’re not planning to narrate your video, or if you have a strong accent that the transcription service has a problem with, then Elusien’s SRT Generator is an excellent tool for entering your text, and synchronizing it with your video.

One potential advantage of .SRT files, is that you can translate them, though if you’re going to rely on machine translation, it’s a good idea to have a fluent speaker double check the result!


I will not narrate the video because I need to be focus and I have other households around.

Elusien SRT Generator seems convinient and I think will fulfil my expectations, although I will need to check if it allows custom fonts. Thanks a lot for help and have a nice day.

Yes you can change the font to any that is available on your system.

That is installed on windows, then ok. I don’t see mkv file support (not a big shock), It is standard export file for OBS. How can I safely convert it to mp4 or wav?

HTML5 <video> does not support .mkv files.

  • You can get OBS to save as MP$,
  • or you can get it to remux MKV to MP4,
  • or you can open the MKV file in Shotcut, go to “Properties”, click on the Convert to edit friendly tab at the bottom and choose MP4,
  • or you can just export an MP4 version.

What way of conversion would you recommend me for keeping as much of quality as possible?

Personally I would open the MKV file in Shotcut, then export it using the default setting as an MP4 with quality set to 67%.

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