Herr Aber und die Utopie

I edit my stop motion animations with Shotcut, especially to add and edit music and sound; I only use the simplest visual features of Shotcut because most effects are already present in the animation, and I want to preserve its “handmade” style.

One problem, though: Shotcut crashes frequently when the number of edits grows. Nothing is lost, but it’s awkward. The trick of exporting and re-importing works most of the time - but it’s not easy to find the right point in the editing process to do it.

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Hi! :slight_smile:

Yes, I like it, and a little ‘great!’… :slight_smile:
One…, IMHO in the beginning a little too much “aber”… :slight_smile:

BTW (Shotcut crashes): No…, I do not have any… :smile:

Best regards

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