Here's To 2021!

I just wanted to make a post showing appreciating to the work that Dan and Brian have done this year working on Shotcut. Despite the worldwide pandemic that plagued everyone, 2020 was easily the best year Shotcut has had in its development. Many very important features were achieved along with a lot big improvements and that should be applauded!

Thank you Dan and Brian for your hard work this year! It’s the best year Shotcut has had! Looking forward to what’s in store for Shotcut in 2021!

Happy New Year to all of the regulars at the message board!



Happy New Year @DRM and all the regulars. I have made many friends here! And to @shotcut and @brian for all your hard work!! May 2021 be a better one for us all …


Happy New Year everyone ! Stay safe


I wish you all the best for this new year that has just begun. :grinning:
Thanks to all of you. :star_struck:

Yes, thank you so much for continuing work on an already-great free product.
2020 has seen me (and many others) need to do lots more video-editing for things that woild previously have been in person. Shotcut has been an absolute life-saver. Thank you!

Thanks and Happy New Year 2021 :fireworks:

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