Here's a Change of Pace: When Your Meat Comes with Free Salad


Why don’t you eat your meat?!
BTW: And your look is…?

Best regards

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Bass is mostly catch and release. What do you mean my look? My color grade?

Oh, thanks, learned some more.
But…, why don’t you haven’t eat your meat?! :smile:

Hat, glasses, and a… “What-Ever-It-Is”…

All of California is on fire right now so it’s not healthy to breathe the air. You have to at least wear a mask. The glasses is polarized so you can see fish under water and the hat is a standard fishing hat

…ummm…something must be getting lost in the translation…

That makes sense. Thanks again.
And you really have special “fishing glasses”?!
Best regards and ‘Petri Heil’ (German angler say so)

Most bass fisherman have polarized sunglasses for glare and visibility

Polarized glasses are excellent when driving too, especially at night.

Loved the video. :+1:

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Release the bass and enjoy the free salad :slight_smile:
Did you know we even get the smoke from calivornia over here to Germany?!
It looks like a very fine haze high in the sky.

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Sportfishing, a hobby that requires a lot of patience. :+1:
I had an adjustable polarized lens for my Canon Ftb but sold the whole set many years ago.
It was great to gradually eliminate reflections from the domes of ancient monuments, or the reflection of the sun on the sea or to clear the water surface in pools with marine life near the beach (on the rocks)

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Thank you!

Nice video!! :+1:

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The world’s thinking of all you guys in California and surrounding areas right now with all the fires. Stay safe!


Thank you brother! I appreciate it!

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