Her Walls Tell a Story - The Intriguing Look of Montevideo's Buildings S2EP64

Posting my last episode here until a while later (don’t want to over spam you lol!). Colorgraded in shotcut. Went after the grading made for the movie Amélie, but decided not to copy it, and created my own version with a twist of the color grading wheels, white balance at around 4200 and the rest is the same recipe I’ve done for all my videos.

SergeC, if you see this, thanks again for the tutorial link to the smooth transition effect! That worked like a charm. The dude explains it so well and clear. For those interested in the smooth transition, check the link below. It’s basically rotoscoping, and the scene where I used the technique took like 2-3 hours to complete, therefore I suggest to listen to some calm piano music while doing this effect, and take breaks! lol


For those interested in the effect:

Nice walk through this surprising architectural mix. It’s a pity that the air-conditioning units ruin some of the façades.
At first, with the accordion (bandoneon?), I actually thought I was in Paris :rofl:.
PS: You especially have to thank @bentacular :+1: for the tutorial.

Jolie promenade dans ce surprenant mélange architectural. Dommage que les unités d’air conditionné massacrent certaines façades.
Au début, avec l’accordéon (bandonéon?), je me suis effectivement cru à Paris :rofl:
PS : C’est surtout @bentacular qui doit être remercié pour le tutoriel.


Glad you like it! It does ruin the look of ther facades indeed. Air conditioners for buildings like these should be offered with an art-deco/renaissance design lol When I first saw that street with those buildings, I felt I was transported somewhere in France, would be a great spot for some car action scenes or something cool.

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Great use of the technique and thanks for the shoutout!


Didn’t know you were here! Much appreciated for the clear instructions on the tutorial btw. It was satisfying to see the effect afterwards, though it took like 3 hours to complete lol. I think this is the reason why you don’t see this effect often. :smiley:

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Haha, the accordion might have transported you to Paris for a moment – the magic of music!

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