Help With Video Export Quality

Hello, I would like help with fixing the quality of my exported videos. I have attached 2 screenshots. The first one is the video straight off of the camera. The second one is after exporting through Shotcut. I notice that the whole video gets a gray tone after exporting, and the black levels are reduced significantly, along with the sharpness. I have also attached the settings I use to export the video. I do use the hardware encoder, but even with this setting disabled I get the same result. So far I have tried H.264 high profile, and even the lossless profile. I am upscaling from 1080P to 4K, but even if I export at 1080P the problems are still there. I don’t know much about the settings, but I have used the settings recommended by someone on this forum for the best export quality.

I have taken these screenshots from the same point in the video, and it is a part of the background that is not moving in the shot. The first one is from the SD card in the camera, the second one is after exporting the video with Shotcut.
original clip
video clip 1

Here are my export settings:
shotcut settings 1
shotcut settings 2

Properties > Color Range is probably wrong. It is detected automatically but not all cameras signal it in a compatible manner. You can override it.

along with the sharpness

Scaling and/or lossy compression will cause that as well as certain filters.

Thank You! I change the color range from (full) to (mpeg) the color looks much, much better now. The video is still a little less saturated but even with lossless compression there is still compression being done, so the difference is to be expected I presume. With some saturation and sharpness custom presets I believe I can fin tune it to be perfect.

Your problem is now solved, cheers!!

But from my point of view on color grading, the original looks oversaturated and a little bit odd, but the second one is on a perfect balance of saturation and details. The original doesn’t have that nice grade, and it also almost makes the bottom of the bush black and unable to see to the normal eye, whereas the second one preserves the details on the bottom of the bush and make it better to the eyes. High contrast and saturation to the video is not always the best, sometimes you need to crank them down to make it nicer.

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