Help with Transitions

Good day,

I’m super new at this, and having issues with transitions between photos.

If I have a 3 second long transition, it doesn’t seem to evenly fade between the two stills over the course of that 3 seconds, but instead fades in within the first half second.
It’s like the transition is somehow front loaded, instead of evenly spread across the whole transition.

I checked the transition properties, but there doesn’t seem to be any options to change the pace or ratio of the transition.

Thanks in advance.

Shotcut Transition Softness Freeze

Try it with GPU effects turned on.

It may seem to not fade evenly because of differences of brightness or color between the 2 photos you use.

Do this test:

Make a transition between a color clip (choose a bright color) and a photo.
Manually move the Playhead slowly to check if the color clip stops fading out before the end of the transition.

You can position your mouse cursor on the Time counter (below the Player) and use the mouse wheel to move the Playhead forward/backward frame by frame.

As you can see, in my example the fades IN and OUT are consistant throughout the transition.

It turns out I just had a corrupted project file. Shotcut was also crashing semi-regularly since I started working on it, with increasing frequency the longer I worked that project. Restarted the project from scratch and both problems went away.

Thanks for your help.
Sorry it was just a technical glitch.