Help with text in shotcut

Well im new to shotcut, but im editing a video for my turkish class. I need help showing text on a mp4 video, and making it so i can change the text ie - Hello, then to a breif pause to a, Merhaba

V1 : Main Video
V2: Transparent color (Open Other)
V2: Text filter.
With the transparent color on V2, you can use the text filter by slicing, spacing out your text to appear exactly when you want it to. This also allows you to fade in/fade out your text so it just doesn’t pop on the screen then pop back off.

Quick & Dirty:
V1: Main Video
Then just split where you want to have the text filter, click that clip and put a text filter on that clip. But there is no way to fade text, it would just appear, then disappear once that clip is done.

um not to be rude but can you makr that alittle more noob friendly, sorry

It’s ok. It’s probably best to go through all of the tutorials to learn about Shotcut so you can better follow along. V1 & V2 are video tracks, but when you watch the tutorials you’ll understand a lot more rather quickly.

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