HELP (with slowness)

Shot cut is really lagging, at the point where it gets somewhat unusable, like around 2 fps with frequent spikes, Is there a way to fix this? (using 90% CPU)
Or should I like change hardware encoding or something?
I’m using a proxy, but it didn’t help that much.
Intel(R) Core™ i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz 2.90 GHz
16.0 GB (15.8 GB usable) RAM
GPU is intel hd 620

Hello to you too,
I have a much less powerful I5-6300 at 2.30Ghz, but 24 GB of RAM and an NVidia GTX950M (laptop) and SC runs without any problem or lag.
However, I am not doing a big project.

I’m not so sure, yours is a 4-core processor -

Use both proxy and preview scaling (360p). Release resources by rebooting your laptop prior to starting Shotcut and don’t load any other program if possible i.e. Chrome with multiple tabs.

Thank you, I didn’t think my cpu was the more powerful of the two, it is or rather it was sold as a gaming laptop.

It lags nevertheless, no matter the size even at two minutes, but I will try rebooting every day then. Thx

Your windows machine might need a cleanup.

Lot’s of temporary files over time can slow a windows machine down a lot.

Although I was an IT Professional, I don’t wish to give an explanation on how to do this. There is probably a tool built into windows to do it that might be worth running. If that doesn’t help, use a Professional cleanup tool - but I can’t advise which one - you can get Professional assistance if you need.


I had the same problems. I conducted an internet research on what is fundamentally important in video editing.
One thing that keeps coming up is the GPU. And I don’t mean just any Intel GPU, but something real, an Nvidia.
So I bought a used laptop with: Core i7-10750H and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti.
The part goes off, I created my latest video entirely without a proxy - and it didn’t even start to jerk.
And used it didn’t cost a fortune (800 €).
You have to familiarize yourself with the matter or ask someone you trust.

If you want to watch the video (it’s in German):
USA Reise | New York + ab Los Angeles zum / Grand Canyon / Death Valley / Lone Pine im Mietwage

I sorta figured it out, but i’ve been wanting to get a new pc for a while, bc laptops don’t let you replace components :sob: but thx for the suggestions

also burrruh

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