Help with import clip for "Audio Dance Visualization"

Hi, everybody!
I’m trying to use the filter “audio dance visualization” in a rather complex way, at least complex enough for me. I’m editing a vídeo with 1 video track and 3 audio tracks (one for the video sound and the others for 2 persons, separately. For each person there is a sprite with the size of 1080x1080 pixels when imported to shotcut. I’ve applied different filters to these sprites and wanted to also use the dance visualization one to have a visual input for when each person is speaking, easier said than done.
To do that I had to create three separate projetcts, one for each person voice and one, that i’m working on, with the video sound. Each of the voice projects had their video output changed to the sprite png image.
So, while editing on the video project I import the other two as separate clips and apply the audio dance visualization to these imported projects. And thats is where the problem starts: these two clips have the size of 1920x1080 which renders all my other filters useless, as the original png is 1080x1080. I’ve tried to change the video size in the voice projects but it didn’t work when importing to the video project. Is there a easier solution that I’m not seing or I’ll have to abandon this idea?

Thanks for the help in advance!

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