Help with creating Image template across multiple videos

I am very new to video editing and really unsure even how to ask someone what I am trying to do, but I will do my best to explain it. I’ll provide a screenshot of what I am working on to maybe help clarify what I need help with.

So, in the screenshot, you’ll see that I have had to create a separate video track for each image that is in the middle of the screen (the Pokémon). As new Pokémon come and go from the team, I need to replace them and be able to move them around. However, on each video that I do, some may stay and others may go. At the current stage, for each new video, I have to create a new video track, add the image; resize and reposition it. Is there a way to create some sort of template or saved filter/setting that will allow me to not have to resize and reposition each time I make a new video? Would that be something I need to make in a photo editor to then just save that template and upload it once into 1 new track versus potentially 12 tracks (6 per team, 2 teams). Or is there some setting that will allow me to have each box as a remembered location so when I add an image to a certain video track, it snaps to the corresponding location? If that makes sense.

For further clarification (I frequently fear being misunderstood), in video tracks V8 and V9, you’ll see that 403.png and 79.png didn’t get added until about the 7-minute mark, while tracks V4-V7 (also pngs) were there from the beginning. When I added them, I had to resize and reposition them, which I will need to do for every video going forward that they are in. This means that the locations inside of their respective boxes will vary from video to video because I am just dragging and dropping them there. Is there an easier way to be doing this?

Thank you in advance. I hope that wasn’t too jumbled to understand what I am asking. I may not even be asking the right question, to be fair.

Very cool. I am also a Pokémon nerd.

You should make a template MLT file using dummy images on a hidden track in the positions and sizes that you want in your layout. Then you can just copy and paste the dummies (overwrite them with keyboard shortcut “B”) into the right tracks and times. Then when you want to replace those dummy images with video or other images, just

  1. bring your video into the preview panel
  2. click on the image in the timeline that you want to replace
  3. hit “R” on your keyboard to replace the image with the video in the source preview.

This will retain all your filters and keyframes that you applied to your template images and apply them on the video.

Thank you for the reply. I am unsure how to create the template MLT, but I at least now have a starting point. I don’t know anything about keyboard shortcuts or anything. So far, I am mostly self-taught on how to do anything with video editing. Most of the time I don’t even know what to type in to google to find what I want to do, so I mess around until something works out! lol! I will see if I can find some videos on creating a template MLT file, though.

*edit: I found a temporary work around by creating a file in Canva. I took my background and got spacings, then put frames that I can drag and drop pokemon images into. Then, as the team changes, all I have to do is edit my original photo on canva and create a new image. It isn’t too bad at the moment, but since I have to download it again after every change, I may end up with a lot of those images.

You could also create presets for the Size, Position & Rotate Filter.
One preset to place any of your images at position 01, one for position 2, one for position 3, etc…

From the screen capture you shared, I gather that there are 12 different positions for the Pokémon thumbnails. So you’d need to create 12 presets.

To create each preset, select one of your Pokémon image, move it to one of the 12 position.
Then click the + button next to the Preset dropdown list, give a name to the preset and save.


As an example, I’ve made a grid with 9 different location where I’d can place an image.
I made 9 presets. One for each position:

Notice that I gave the 00- prefix to each of these custom presets so they will be on the top of the presets list (The SP&R filter already come a lots of presets).

Here’s how I added the last 2 presets.


I just meant that you can save a project in shotcut that has a bunch of dummy images containing the filters and keyframes you want all on a hidden track in the playlist. Then whenever you go to make a new video, you just open this dummy project, then File>Save As and make a copy of this dummy project with the name of your real project.

Then like I said, you can just work on that file by dragging your dummy images into the timeline and then eventually replace them with your actual images/videos.

A keyboard shortcut is just a way to do something in software using the keyboard instead of navigating menus with a mouse cursor - like using control + C to copy text instead of right-clicking and selecting Copy. For the replace function I mentioned before, its keyboard shortcut is ‘R’ when the focus is on the timeline.

To replace an image with another image or video, you need to:

  1. drag the interesting image/video to the source (preview pane)
  2. left-click the dummy image in the timeline
  3. Either
    a) right click the dummy image in the timeline then select Replace
    b) press R on your keyboard
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Thank you. I appreciate the help with this. It looks like there were multiple ways to accomplish what I needed, which makes me feel ever so slightly silly because I couldn’t figure out one. I had originally attempted to do something like your suggestion, but I didn’t think about creating a preset for each location.

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I hadn’t thought of saving something as an unfinished project then finishing it in each video. Probably a very rookie mistake, but I tend to do all of my edits in one go, then just export from once I am done. I rarely save, but I should do something like that. Your suggestion is helpful because then I can just load that track in every time and have whatever images were saved from the end of the previous video be the ones I can start the next video with. Thank you!