Help with audio delay


I have an mp4 which plays fine in my media player but when dropped on to the timeline and played, there is ~3 seconds of buzzing at the very beginning, then the audio is out-of-sync/delayed by 3 seconds.

I’m using the latest version and have no trouble with other videos of the same format captured on the same device.
I have the latest drivers and a pretty beefy machine.


You could try the “Convert…” button in the clip properties panel and see if a converted clip works better for you.

Thanks for the quick reply! That did fix it but the converted file wouldn’t play audio in my media player for some reason. It was unmutable. I was able to use that version instead in the timeline then export it the correct way…

This of course is a huge pain since I’d have to convert the entire video before I can even start editing it. Is there another thing I could try to fix the issue now that we now this works?
Could you explain why this works and the original doesn’t? I’ve edited about 100 files and this is the only time I’ve seen this issue.

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