Help weak eyesight

Attached screenshot is just to explain
The picture.
The video in the display window is zoomed to 200%.
There are sliders horizontal and vertical, almost invisible
Can you make sliders “B” more contrasty, like slider “A” ?
Well, it is more a wish then question.
Hope to see it in some update version.

Tip: you can use the middle mouse button (click and hold the wheel) and drag to pan/scroll the zoomed player.

I was also thinking of customizable themes, sometimes the default looks of blue black green looks odd. And the blue also makes it look old and a bit 3d, maybe purple can make it more flat.
My suggestions (I don’t know if some of these are already there) :-

  1. Contrast sliders in settings.
  2. Customizable colors (background, video track, audio track, selection)
    I know about the clip flag thing in roadmap.
  3. Increase size of buttons (I am not really sure if shotcut already has this or not)
  4. Option to alot specific gpu for rendering rather than using all of the gpu’s. (Yeah, this is different from topic)

Thanks for the tip. I did not know it.
I tried it, and yet it’s much easier to use the sliders,