Help, transition image reveals background, how to get rid of this?

Hi guys im new here and im also new to using Shotcut but love it already.

So basically Im creating an intro and ive essentially just created two images and dragged the last image from the time line across to the first to create a transition or whatever you call that. The first and last images are fine, but the transition image seems messed up as for some reason it decides to show what looks to be a black background.

See images below of screen shots.

Any help would be appreciated. I have gone through all the filters made sure everything is correct and deleted and started but the same problem occurs.

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Perhaps put the transition image on a new track and use the fade filters making sure to check the box to adjust opacity rather than fading with black as shown.

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Ill have a go at that, seems like a workaround though but thanks. But doesnt this indicate some kind of bug or something?

Not to worry the whole f***ing thing just crashed on me…!!! arghh!

Thanks anyway

Got it back, re-started, just not doing what its supposed to the second I drag the last image in the time line backwards the transition/overlay image automatically shows the background.

This has to be a bug im thinking.

Any other options?

Let’s get back to basics.

1: Tell us which version of Shotcut you are using
2: Is it the 32bit or 64bit build?
3: Tell which operating system you are using
4: Tell us how much RAM is installed.
5: Tell us which security application is running in the background.
6: Tell us where you downloaded Shotcut from, exactly.

To be a bug is must be repeatable on your’s and a number of other systems , therefore please give a step by step account of exactly what you are doing and when it fails or crashes.
This helps other’s to help you and helps the devs to squash emergent bugs.

I think I may have confused you. When I said I think it has a bug I was not talking about when it crashed (thats likely my machine).

You have twice implied that the problems you are having are the result/s of a bug in the Shotcut code.
If I’m confused then I’ll wager I’m not alone.

Please answer questions 1 through 6 as requested.

Caaaasalm down hero I’m just asking for a little help I don’t need a rectal exam.

FYI I know why my system crashed but I still cannot work out why the problem of the background image.

Latest version downloaded yesterday (currently rendering not going to check it now), 64bit, win 8.1, 4gb ram 3.87 usable, standard win antimalware local security authority etc,

But like I say none of that answers my question

“4Gb Ram”

Minimal requirements :
RAM: At least 4 GB for SD, 8 GB for HD, and 16 GB for 4K.

Transition that works perfectly.

No bugs.

Ive upgraded my ram and will test again and report back, cheers.

Think I have the same problem. I have followed also some tips for getting better instagram videos so I kept track 1 empty to put in background for instagram there. First I create the video for youtube and then I change the videomodus to instagram which causes 2 black beams below and above the video. With my background on track 1 I can luckily influence this :slight_smile: Now I have a video in track 2 in transition with another video. during the transition period the background turns black while playing the video 1 and video 2 the background is in my color. There is no checkbox to make transition transparent like with the video in and out filter. Are transistions still usable and how to prevent the black background during transition?