Help - Suggest

I love your program and have been following it for a while, but I am not a professional

And I hope that the program (and other free and open source programs) will also be the easiest and most used, and this requires ease for all users, especially non-professionals (because professionals can buy the program they want)

Therefore, I hope and suggest (the ease, simplicity and flexibility of the program)


1- Add selection with the mouse to an area that I want to cut easily Example:

2- Add features flexibly “Especially if you have more than 2000 small videos” like (Some videos need simple editing such as crop / speed / moving one place to another

Therefore (for example) I want to show in my interface (these additions only) possible to do a checkbox next to (crop) or any way to add the tool to the interface only.

3- Adding multiple parts to the edit “especially if you want to produce and divide this amount of videos… for example, I will find (personal / sports / funny / dramatic / educational parts (and their words are embedded in other videos and so on)).”
**LIKE VIDEOpad video 2 Multi sequence and can rename and cut from any sequence and past in any other **

3- 1-   any sequence has a specific folder and save in (bookmark folders)  like   (if sequence = sports    SO  sport time line            export in "like" c:.......\sports\   .

Do you mean Custom-Buttons in the User-Interface ?